iOS, by Apple, the proprietary operating system on iPhones and iPods, has always been praised for being lag free and having a smooth experience. Even after Android rose to fame, iOS was the smoothest and lightest OS around. However, there came a new (although VERY old) guy around giving iOS a tough fight for its money: Windows Phone.

Formerly known as Windows Mobile, this OS ran on various PDAs and Pocket PCs. But due to low popularity and usage, this OS was replaced by Windows Phone.

Initially disliked for having a very low number of applications and a very minimalistic UI, the world has now adopted that very minimalistic approach and is now highly acclaiming this OS.

Windows Phone is now praised for being highly smooth and lag free like iOS and so, being an extremely lightweight OS, it is a preferred OS for low end hardware devices in addition to high end ones too.

Let us now compare both these popular and praiseworthy OS’s on various criteria.

Bandwidth of Devices

iOS is just available on Apple devices which are known for their high prices. Windows Phone however is found on various phones by manufacturers like Nokia (now owned by Microsoft), Xolo, Karbonn, Micromax, Samsung et cetera and the devices are extremely affordable. This round is no competition at all. Windows Phone takes the cake here easily.


WP-1     iOS-0

App Availability & Quality

iOS has been around for a long long time and so has an extremely vibrant application set. On the other hand, being relatively new, WP has a lesser app availability than iOS, but it is rapidly increasing. Moreover, the quality of the apps available on the Apple Store is significantly greater than those available on the relatively newer Windows Store.


Keeping this in mind, we can easily conclude that apps on iOS are better and much more easily available than on WPOS.

WP-1     iOS-1

Ease of use

iOS was highly praised when it was launched for being the easiest to use mobile OS ever. You just needed to hold it in your hand and it worked like magic. Heck, even your grandparents can use an iPhone without a preamble.

Windows phone too has all the stuff waiting on the main screen itself, making the usability of the OS extremely easy. Its awesome metro inspired design and simplistic menu orders and scrolling features make it almost as easy to use as an iPhone.


It’s really hard to chose one in this round, thus we conclude this round a draw.

WP-1     iOS-1


iOS allows the user to change the wallpaper, and that’s pretty much it. Windows Phone allows the user to set a color scheme to the live tiles, and also have a wallpaper instead of a solid color fill to the tiles. Both have minimalistic modifiability on the UI front, though. Considering the fact that both offer almost the same features like the notification panel, quick notifications, multitasking etc, we can’t actually say much on this prospect unlike for OS’s like Android.


But as Windows Phone has more flexibility compared to iOS, we give this round to WP.

WP-2     iOS-1


All the major OS’s in the world are prone to hacking, malware, virus attacks and other security threats. A few security flaws always remain though, no matter how many times the OS is updated to address these problems.


But in this sector we give the edge to the iOS as it has better user security and built-in features to protect your phone and data.

WP-2     iOS-2

Okay! So on paper we see that it’s a very close call, a tie, really.

To say the least, it all depends on the type of person you are and the type of interface and flexibility you prefer in an OS to determine the winner for you. It’s all your personal preference but we have highlighted the pros and cons of each OS for you here.


Want to tell us which one you prefer? Comment your choice away using the comments section below.


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