4K displays are already hitting quite a lot of TVs and some smartphones too. Naturally, this has started discussions on how higher up a smartphone display will go to. It seems Qualcomm’s executive has an answer – beyond 6K, 8K and then some.

“6K, 8K and Beyond”

“We’ll see 6K, 8K and beyond” from future smartphone resolutions, envisions Tim Leland, Qualcomm’s vice president of product management in press conference. “It’s going to keep going.”

The leap from SD to HD was huge for users and this next step in display technology promises to be just as revolutionary. So what exactly is 8K and 6K display?

While a 4K Ultra HD display will have 8 megapixels per frame, 8K display will quadruple this to 32 megapixels perframe. Practically this means display resolution of 8K horizontally and 6K vertically where in a there are 4 times more pixels fitted in a screen. This would mean the screen would not pixelate no matter how close you stood.

Beyond this point, we are biologically incapable of perceiving much more detail, putting us on a scale of ever diminishing returns.

How soon?

However, there is just concepts of an 8K design as of now. To output footage at 8K requires an expensive and powerful computer and there isn’t any media that supports the resolution yet.

Early adoption might sound enticing, but much like the early days of 4K, the displays themselves are prohibitively expensive. Putting an 8K display on a phone is going to be even more troublesome due to the battery requirements. Already premium phones having 4K resolution do not give the best battery lives.

Smartphone Displays May Soon Move to 6K and 8K

The cost would be so high that people would just not bother. However, more immersive VR features and superior content are said to be the catalysts that will get people to upgrade.

When we do make the switch to 6K though, do consider one of those smartphones for yourself.

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